SkipTheGames Review

Here’s my view of the website. Up until now, I didn’t really see a need to share it, but I do now. Everyone likes playing games. But can you think of something more frustrating than a girl (or a guy in some cases) that likes to play the game that usually leads to sex, and then having to pull the rug from under you and nothing will happen? Yes, it has happened to all of us at some time.

Complete Rundown Of

Please note, this review is of the website as well.

Well, this was the basic idea that instigated the creation of the site. It was created for one thing only – skipping all the games and getting down to business. But down to business also means that one will have to pay for services rendered. Yes, you guessed it, this is an escort site. I will bring you my review of the site and tell you why you should not use it, at all.

The Website

It features a design, that is it. There is nothing fancy or remarkable about the site, really. Yes, they have a nice red theme going on, but that is that. And the listings are as cheesy as they get. All the girls listed here are hookers, duh.

The bad thing is that the site collects all the information about you. And sites like this, including, are usually targeted by the police or other law enforcement agencies and many unfortunate Johns (male customers that frequent these places) will end up in jail on charges for solicitation.

Unfavorable Terms of Use

Once you enter the site, you are willingly accepting their terms of use, which I may add, are not at all favorable for the end user.

The site is collecting everything you decide to put on there, including private messages, ads, and your personal and bank info, and they reserve the right to send you promotions and even disclose the information to third parties, including law enforcement agencies.

So you should really think twice before willingly leaving your data on some illegal site in the hopes of hiring a hooker and getting laid, which is equally illegal.

Diseases You Say? Maybe!

Let’s say you skip all this and go ahead and hire yourself a hooker. There are no guarantees of the safety of the girls, whether they are drug addicts, or have some nasty STD or will come with an angry pimp and rob you of your earthly possessions and even beat you up. You can’t complain to anyone, as you have been warned.

Conclusion: Please, By All Means Necessary, Avoid It

The site is an escort site. Unlike its competition, this is an ad-free space where you can only find the listings, without the annoying, cheesy ads that get in your face. But once you leave your personal info, you will get flooded with emails.

And because the site will collect any interaction with a hooker you make and track all your activities, you are putting yourself in danger from multiple sides. If you get in trouble with a hooker, her pimp will most likely make you sorry, and if you get in trouble with the police, you will be sorry. All the while the site will stand aside, as their terms and conditions page has them covered.

This site is not worth your time and money, and if you are looking to get laid, I suggest you join a regular adult dating site and casual sex site and get a hook-up for free.

If you’re looking to avoid other scumbag sites like this one, then you should attempt to also avoid The Listcrawler as well as The LiveEscortReviews websites.

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