Hiring an escort can have some deep thrill for many people. An escort or a nightwalker can offer services that many “normal” girls can’t, or you only likely think that. I know of many girls that are even better in bed and can bang like professions, putting those sex workers to shame. The “paid help” sucks, especially the help you get at, and I guarantee that if you ask nicely, they will do a lot more wild things to you, without having to pay for it.

Fun fact, I have never paid a hooker in my life. Not sure why, I just never needed to pay for it. Not when I have access to girls on this network.

I know of people that have, and some of them have shared their experiences with me. They were not as happy as they thought they would be. Depending on the price you pay, you get services. I’m glad that I’m not one of the many guys that have long-lasting regrets for this short and dangerous experience.

That said, I feel obliged to share my review of the, a website offering the possibility of hiring an escort. While I don’t agree with any of this, and I certainly don’t condone the practice of hiring a hooker, I’m still going to do the research and share my findings with you here. If I can somehow convince just one person on the fence to not put themselves at risk, then I’ve done my job. = Copycat of Backpage, Nothing More

Maybe you’ve heard of Backpage. If not, what about They’re both sites that allow you to find and hook up with escorts. It is as downright dirty and shady as it gets, and it was closed by the federal bureau of investigations aka the government a while back. That left plenty of room for replacements. and some other sites took center stage when this got shut down.

I urge anyone who’s willing to listen to not to use any of the services provided by or the escorts posting ads. It’s got a ton of legal issues that go along with doing so and these issues can lead to a lot of unpleasant things. Once you enter the site, you are welcomed with a legal statement that will make your head spin. This is done in order to protect the site against every possible liability and leaves you very exposed to trouble. You don’t agree? Too bad, then you must go! Basically, you’re forced to accept their terms if you agree to their TOS and intend on continuing to use the site.

The Website

The design of the site is very simple and basic. There are, however, some filters in place that allow the user to make a specific search based on their preferences. You can specify the age, hair color, eye color, body type, skin color, location and more, and find a girl that will match your exact terms.

While this may seem nice, remember that you are selecting an escort that will do pretty much anything to get your cash. It is still an escort, and she may even be unhealthy, a drug addict or a hardened criminal, and you are willingly subjecting yourself to all the risks.

The Nightshift Memberships

The main site can be used for free, however, there is a paid membership that you can subscribe to. This has some perks, like seeing reviews of call girls way before they are published freely on the website. According to the website, the paid membership helps for a better screening process and finding you a more accurate girl to hook-up with. Honestly, how desperate do you have to be in order to have to resort to escort reviews just to get laid?

This membership may seem reasonable, but if you think more closely, this is just a scam for you to pay a membership fee, without getting anything in return. You are basically paying for their advanced screening process, which should come for free.

The Girls

This is an escort site, so if you are here, you know that you are basically hiring a hooker to have sex with you in exchange for cash. This is highly illegal in the USA, so consider yourself warned. Once you go ahead and select a girl, it seems reasonable to expect to get what the photo promised.

Well, this is not always the case. Many times the girl that will show up will look nothing like the one in the photo, or it will be the same girl in the photo, only 10 years later. I’m saying that there are quite a few chances of getting scammed and not getting what you asked for.

The site offers no guarantees on the safety of the girls. They can be disease-ridden, or even come with a pimp and clean you out. You have no kind of protection whatsoever, and it is never smart to put yourself in such a situation.

Let’s not forget, collects your personal data and will disclose it to a third party, like advertisers, promoters and law enforcement agencies. So, on top of everything else, you are risking putting your name on a list of people known to pay for sex, are exposing yourself to being prosecuted for supporting prostitution. The girls here, and anywhere else for that matter are not worth the risk, believe me.

The conclusion: Avoid At All Costs

It may seem fun to hire a prostitute for a night of guaranteed sex, it is never smart to do so. Especially when it comes to hiring a hooker through the online sites like If you are in such a hurry to get laid as soon as possible, try using one of the many online adult dating and casual sex apps that can help you with your problem.

By finding a hook-up the legitimate way, you are avoiding all the possible risks of contracting some STD, of getting scammed by a prostitute and are definitely avoiding putting your name on a list of people known to pay for sex. Join the many reputable sites out there instead, find a person you like and get laid free of risks and free of charge.

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