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Does Sweetsext.com work? That’s the question that I’ve been getting lately. For those of you that like sending explicit messages via Snapchat (or even Snap Sext), this is a safer way to operate. Sweet Sext was created in order to give horny consumers a safe platform for sharing naked selfies and snap nudes. As it’s named, this dating app is sweet. It’s one of the newest ones out there and definitely better than all the rest. Heck, it might even be better than Fling.com. Yes, it’s made by the same company! You’ve probably got a bunch of questions about this network. That’s why I’m going to share some information on the network and basically my experience using the Sweetsext app. I’ll also show you how to get a login for this, just keep reading…

Sweetsext Review

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SweetSext App Review & Login Details

Okay, so I’ve covered a lot about the Sweetsext.com app, but I have not defined what it is exactly but I will right now…

What Is SweetSext?

It’s a dating service and one of the most popular sexting sites of 2021. It’s a platform that allows you to send and receive beautiful photos as well as enticing messages with real people in your local area. It’s for people who are not interested in traditional online dating website experiences but instead are only looking to send and receive sexy photos and videos as well as meet up for sex.

How To Join

Joining this sexting network is quite easy. In fact, they make it a seamless experience. I’m reporting on the specific steps that I took in order to sign up and login. Seriously, it could not have been any easier. Here are the steps you must take to join.

Step 1: Select your gender

Step 2: Select who you’re seeking to hook up with

Step 3: Enter your zipcode

Step 4: Enter your age

Step 5: Enter your email (whichever address you use daily)

Step 6: Choose to get free Camsoda tokens by checking the box

Step 7: Enter the desired password

Congrats, you’re now ready to sext and hook up!

How To Login

This couldn’t be any easier. All you have to do is head to the homepage, enter your email address and password, then click the sign-in button and you’re good to go! That’s it, you’re now logged into the network and chat with anyone.

It’s A Sweet Sext Thing

For those of you that have never sent sexy text messages, I’m telling you, once you start doing so, it’s really hard to stop. I like to think of this as a tight-knit community that’s sort of cultish to a point where they’re not afraid to break the norms of society and send nudes to any and everyone.

How Does It Compare To Other Sexting Sites?

It’s comparable, but this one is much better because they have a more widely open network with people willing to send and receive communications. Some of these sites are so damn stuffy or they have bad people on them. Sweetsext uses a verification system that makes it ten times better than others even though they both have similar features. It’s not just about the features though, the users make a world of a difference as well.

Tips For Sending Videos & Sexts

Thinking about sending naked videos and sext messages to members? No problem, here are some tips for sending them.

Keep it clean – By that I mean keep your privates and your surroundings clean as a whistle. No one wants to see a messy AF room or a sloppy ungroomed dick or vagina. If you’re gonna show your stuff, do it right.

Use natural light – Make sure there is enough natural light to make the photos and videos pop.

Don’t touch up – Don’t edit or touch up videos or pics. People want to see the real deal, Holyfield. They’re not looking for airbrushed content as they can get that on any porn site.

Be nice – When sending sexts please remember to be nice and just don’t be an asshole to people. There are enough dickheads in this world, we don’t need more. So be nice please.

Know when to stop – If the recipient stops responding, then stop sending. Don’t be that guy who sends tons of text messages. If you get ghosted, own it and move on – it happens sometimes.

Ask for help – Customer service can help if you don’t know how to send to members. If you need sexting examples, they can provide you those as well.

Hookup Dating Success Rates (In Person & Phone Sex)

This sexting site has a really high success rate because people join with the intention of having sex and sexting regularly. Sometimes people just have phone sex, but nevertheless, they’re successfully hooking up and busting a nut one way or another.

Oh, I should mention that they have a really great hookup or get laid guarantee offer which you will not find elsewhere. That certainly helps boost the success rate for most members.

Feature Offerings For Members

Here’s what you get when you join as a member…

  • Live Chat
  • Instant Sexting
  • Access to Webcam Girls
  • Swipe Game
  • Premium Content – Think Brazzers Videos
  • Group Chats
  • See Who’s Viewed Your Profile
  • Advanced Search Functions
  • Voice Messages

That’s just a snippet of what’s in store for you if you become a paid member to SweetSext.com. Speaking of paid, let’s cover costs here.

The Cost of Upgrading To Premium

Becoming a premium Sweetsext member is easy and very affordable especially if you’re into video chat sessions with people or if you’re looking for a consistent sexting partner.

$0.95 – 2-Day

$9.95 – 7-Day

$34.95 – 1-Month

$69.95 – 6-Month

$80.04 – 12-Month

All of these options are well worth it by the way. But I typically suggest going with the 12-month deal. It’s more bang for your buck over a period of time.

Customer Service Details

Global Personals, LLC has some of the best customer service out there. I promise, there is no better CS team when it comes to dating and hookup sites. They are the best in the dating industry. What exactly does the CS department do? Well, a lot! They find fake profiles (fake messages too) and kill them, answer any billing questions and they help active users as well as inactive members with all issues that they may have.

CS Dept Info:

Global Personals, LLC

225 7th Street, Third Floor

Miami Beach, Florida 33139


[email protected] (Email)


1-(888)-596-9279 (USA & International)

[email protected] (Email)


1-(800)-893-8871 (USA)

1-(310)-664-5810 (International Tel.)

1-(800)-893-8871 (Skype)

[email protected] (Email)

Conclusion: Try SweetSext And Hookup Tonight

If you’re planning on trying to connect with someone to send Snapchat-style snaps but more explicit, then SweetSext is the site for you. Register for free and become a member instantly. Then you can decide to upgrade and begin sending dirty photos or video content to all members. Regardless of the type of relationship you’re looking for, Snap Sext can accommodate you, for sure!

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