Listcrawler Review

I’ve used my fair share of websites, some of which have been absolute garbage like the Others may not be as bad, but I can tell you right now, this is one you need to know about! Sure, maybe you’ve heard of Listcrawler and maybe you haven’t. No matter whether you have or haven’t, you are about to become extremely familiar with this escort service. I’m sharing a review of this website that in my honest opinion, you should not visit or even think about using the services. It’s pretty much as awful as it gets!

To be blunt, it’s my personal recommendation that Listcrawler as a service should be completely shut down. It’s very unethical with regards to services, terms of use and privacy policy. Keep reading to find out all the reasons why you should refrain from using Listcrawler forever.

But first:

What Is Listcrawler? is a website that enables you to hire an escort. But after a careful reading of the terms of use, which most of you never read, this site’s terms of use are an example for a disaster waiting to happen.

To hire their services, you are required to provide some personal information like your name and even at times, your credit card info. But what they have nicely packed in fancy words really means that they don’t take responsibility for any breach of privacy or exposing your data to any third party. This seems more like a personal data collection scheme than a “dating” site, but if you decide to use their services, consider yourself informed and do so at your own risk.

Another thing they don’t take responsibility for is the listings they provide on the site. If you hire an escort and you get robbed, that is completely on you and you can’t log a complaint and have no protection from the website in a case like this. In other words, your money is gone and what’s done is done – PERIOD.

Experience Using

Once you enter the URL into the browser, you are taken to their website. There is an age verification pop-up. After you click on the “I’m 21 or older” option, you get the option to select your country (USA, Canada or Other) and select a city. Some cities on the list are not available to select from reasons unknown.

When you take a closer look of the available listings, you can notice some recurring ads, as this website is actually a web crawler algorithm that accumulates listings from other sites and displays them on their website. But the really unfortunate thing is that the website does not take any responsibility for anything whatsoever.

Most of the listings have phone numbers, and there is no way to check if these are real unless you call each one. That means if you hire an escort, you will most probably not get the girl you’ve selected.

Redirect Advertising Links

When browsing through the Listcrawler website, once you click on a link, you are most likely going to be redirected on another website, a sponsored link or a paid advertisement. The website uses this method to generate revenue and even though many other sites use this technique, this site takes it to the extreme.

Each link you click on the website takes you to a redirect link and you end up on a different website that is almost as bad as this one.

No Guarantees About Escorts

The escorts listed on this site are getting paid to sleep with men. And a lot of men for that matter. And there is no guarantee that the girls for hire are disease free.

When you are looking for a casual hook-up there is no need to hook-up a disease as well. So be careful as the site does not provide any guarantees about the girls, their health status or their conduct.

What To Do Instead?

When you are looking for a casual hook-up for a sexy time, then, by all means, use the services of a casual dating site. The casual dating sites usually offer to match you up with a local that is in search of similar “services”, so there is no need to pay anyone.

And the casual dating websites are more legitimate and don’t try to take your personal data and show it to the next person. By using a dating website, the people you get to meet here are not escorts, and you will get a proper experience with a regular person instead of hiring a (possibly) disease-ridden escort that has seen a lot of mileage under her belt.

The Conclusion: Listcrawler Sucks, Find Something Else! is a website that’s offering ads for escorts for hire. Well, they aggregate the listings from other similar sites (like Erotic Monkey and Backpage) and displays them as their own. This concept may be useful for news and other listings, but when you are looking to get laid tonight, you need to be extra careful.

You risk a lot more than you gain. You can get your personal data exposed, get an escort with a fancy STD and even get robbed for a little fun in the sack. Totally not worth it. So please, do not use this website and join any other dating website. Heck, you’ll find free dating sites as options as well. Your chances for getting laid with a local person near you can increase significantly and you are not required to pay and to top things off, your personal info is kept safe.

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