Sites Like Backpage: 14 Alternative Sites

Ever since Backpage fell victim to the Federal Bureau, the search for an escort-hiring website has increased. I’m not saying it’s what you should be doing, I’m just pointing out facts here. Don’t shoot the messenger. The Backpage takedown leveled the playing field, providing space for many of the lesser known sites to emerge and try to take the number one spot as the site with the best escort options.

But before you join in on the search, I’ll try to tell you why you should refrain from doing so and what sites you should definitely avoid. But first, let me cover the basics about Backpage. Actually, before I do that, one thing I need to make crystal clear is that I cannot for the life of me understand why someone would want to hire these girls when there are so many sex apps that help you find people to have sex for free. It’s mind-boggling to pay for it if you ask me!

What Was Backpage? (New Alternatives People Are Using)

The Backpage website began its operation in 2004 as a simple classifieds site. But it soon went on to morph into this hooker promoting beast, becoming the largest site in the world for finding an escort. While there are some that will argue that this is a good thing, the FBI did not think so, and they seized the site. There’s a lot behind that which I’m not going to get into here. If you enter the URL into your browser, you will be welcomed by the FBI’s notice of seizure. Just take my word for it, don’t do it!

That left room for the competition to arise and today there are tons of other sites where people can get info on escorts. I’m not saying you should use these, of course. But here I’ll outline the top 10 alternatives of Backpage which you should refrain from using.


This is a classifieds site that exists in Canada. Well, it’s accessible worldwide, but most of the users are based out of Canada in the Toronto and Vancouver area. My suggestion is to avoid it given that it’s filled with nothing but unattractive escorts.


Ugh, another poor excuse for trying to impersonate I hate Onebackpage just as much as the original. It’s literally simply a copy and paste version of the site. My guess is that the ads are all very old and repurposed.


Another copy of the infamous Backpage except this one went ahead and tried to explain to the world that it’s the latest and greatest classified site. Is it a true replacement if it’s ineffective? I’ll let you be the judge of that one.


The website is perhaps the most legit looking but looks can be deceiving. This one simply lists out sponsored ads and fake call girl ads that all lead to paid membership sites. Not every website is garbage that they send you too, but I’m not digging this at all. Check out my full review of the Bedpage site here.


A free personals site that anyone can publish anything on, including sexual services. The personals section was flooded with illegal activity. So just like the Backpage site, this part of the Craigslist site was closed. So no getting an escort here, sorry.

Erotic Monkey

A place where people went to get info on escorts and it was a very popular site for a while. It also got the same fate as Backpage, as it got closed down by the government. And the people that were caught using the site were in for a surprise – legal issues with paying a prostitute.

The Erotic Review

Another site for hiring escorts, the Erotic Review enjoyed quite the popularity for a while. But due to a colorful crowd frequenting the site, it had to close down and there is no way for you to hire an escort through them now.

Classified Ads

A copy of the Craigslist site, the Classified Ads is a place where people can buy/sell just about anything. Due to its nature, the services of the site are free, so escorts have found a free advertising spot. I strongly recommend you don’t use this site, as you have no guarantee of your safety and be facing trouble with a pimp or the law.

One of the largest places online where one can find info and contacts of escorts, along with reviews of their services. The site is a dangerous place to use, as it is laden with legal issues, as well as virtually non-existent privacy policy. I will never recommend a site like this to anyone.

Escort Babylon

It was once a great database with many escorts, but today the US version is no longer in operation, while the Canada part is. If you look at it closely, you will notice that it is the exact copy of Backpage, and it is no wonder there is no US version.


A more local version of the Craigslist site, Geebo has been in operation since 2000. It is a digital classified ads place and anyone can publish anything. Right? Up to a certain point. There were some legal issues related to this site as it was made public that it is a front used by prostitutes and criminals. So, another big NO, NO.

Live Escort Review

An active site that is a rip off of the Backpage template. If you try browsing this site, you are in for an unpleasant surprise, as most of the listings are fake, and most of the ads lead to other, far worse sites. You can be sure that they are only after your information and money, so please refrain from using it, ever.

Adult Search

It may seem like a legit adult dating site, but it is shady, filled with fake profiles and a lot of annoying ads for anything sex-related. If you end up talking to a person here, you are really risking your freedom, as many times law enforcement agencies set up profiles in order to lower the rate of prostitution by arresting people for solicitation.

US Free Ads

This was once a place where people could talk about pets, sell them and exchange experiences. But in recent times, there have been attempts to use this site for offering services by hookers. Even if it has been around for 20 years, and you’ve gotten your dog through this site, don’t use it to hire a hooker. It is illegal and can be really bad for you.


I’ve outlined ten places on the internet that you should not use to find escorts. Well, if you think about it, you should never hire prostitutes, hookers, escorts or call-girls ever. This is an illegal activity and can put you in jail.

Using Backpage alternatives isn’t a good way to do it. If you want to connect with someone willing to bang, then all you need to do is keep it legal by joining a site like It’s money and works better than just about every other site out there. Of course, there’s always using a sex doll or your hand too!

Lastly, if you come across any other alternatives that you think should be added to the site, then shoot me a message via this form.

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