Where To Find “Hook Ups” In Honolulu, Hawaii

I like to travel a lot. In fact, I spend most of the year traveling to exotic places and I’ve recently spent some time in Hawaii. During my trip, I went to Honolulu and I must say it was a blast!

When you think about Hawaii, you certainly think of beaches, tropical fruit laced drinks and endless parties on the island. Well, you are not far from the truth. Honolulu is in the center of things, being the largest party locale in Hawaii. Once the sun sets on the Waikiki beach, people are in search for the night’s festivities.

Many opt to visit the local strip clubs or get an erotic massage and some even go so far as to hire an escort for the night. But for people not familiar with the whole “etiquette” of hiring an escort in Honolulu, I’ve prepared a guide that can help you through the whole process.

Keep reading as I share the places where one might go to find a red-light district type joint, a strip club, or turn to in order to hire a hookup buddy in  Honolulu. To be blunt and perfectly clear, make sure you stay safe during your adventure and do so at your own risk. It should be obvious and if it’s not, I’ll come out and say it…we don’t support this kind of behavior, we only share our opinions.

That said, here’s what you need to know about hooking up with prostitutes in Honolulu, Hawaii!

Hooking Up In Honolulu

I’ve covered just about everything you can think or imagine in that little creative head of yours. This update should help you make heads or tails of whether or not hookers in Hawaii are worth messing with.

Legal Status of Prostitution in Hawaii

Sex is the top fun activity for people everywhere. The acts of hiring a prostitute, being caught with a prostitute, and caught offering sexual services in exchange for money in Hawaii are most definitely illegal. It is illegal to engage in any activity of paying for sexual services. In the case of being caught paying a hooker, both the culprit and the hooker face a monetary fine and even 30-days imprisonment.

That being said, not many things will stop people from actively seeking the thrill of hiring an escort and enjoying a fun romp between the sheets.

Finding a Red-light District

A red-light district is a place where the ladies of the night collect and wait to be hired by a prospective client. The main streets Honolulu in the district of Ala Moana near the Waikiki beach, known as Kuhio and Kalakaua Avenues are known for being the “office” of many of Honolulu’s street hoes.

The ladies that offer their services here are mainly very beautiful, but people considering their services will need to make sure that they are not hiring a transsexual, which is not a rare occurrence. Their services are priced moderately, starting from $40 and up to $200. When walking the streets of Honolulu, you can see a lot of hookers and inquire about their pricing.

The Best Honolulu Strip Clubs

The most high-profile strip club where one will see only the very best of girls is the Femme Nu, located just off of Kapiolani Boulevard. Don’t be fooled by the exterior, as this place is a professional establishment, has been around for almost 30 years and knows how to properly treat their guests.

Club Hot Ash is another place where people go to see naked girls dance, and even though it is not in the middle of things, Club Hot Ash is very popular. There are great prices for food, drinks and fairly pretty girls to offer enjoyment.

Rock-Za is near the Femme Nu club, with decent prices, nice interior, and pretty enough girls.

These three are rated as the top of the strip clubs in Honolulu, but there are a lot more joints like these, you only have to be brave enough to explore them if this is your idea of fun.

Fun For Gay People

There are several places where gay people can go to Honolulu to find entertainment. The top locations are as follows:

Tapa’s Restaurant & Lanai Bar, serving tapas, lunch, dinner, and drinks is one of the most favored places for gay people. It has a nice patio deck, great food, and a friendly atmosphere, not to mention gay massages.

Wang Chung’s is located on 2424 Koa Avenue, this place offers Japanese food, drinks, exotic atmosphere, and karaoke entertainment.

In Between Waikiki, yes, that’s the name,  is a place where most gay people go for good drinks, karaoke entertainment, varied crowd, and laid-back atmosphere.

Hiring an Escort in Honolulu

Due to the rise in popularity, Honolulu has become a fan-favorite location for many tourists. That means that all the tourist’s services are very well developed, including the escort services. Anyone with deep enough pocket can hire a personal escort for the night, no matter your inclination.

Enjoy an Erotic Massage

An erotic massage includes almost everything sex-related, without the actual sex. Intimate caress, massage, kissing, and even the happy ending are all included in an erotic massage session. Honolulu offers a lot of places where any man or a woman can enjoy a pleasant erotic experience. These are not readily advertised on billboards, but not so difficult to find. Whatever you do, don’t buy into the Rubmaps reviews for any place in Hawaii, they’re not valid – period.

Find a Fetish/BDSM Club

If your sexual fantasies lean towards the more darker side and include some kind of fetish, Honolulu has something for everyone. There are BDSM clubs that offer shows, or even let visitors participate, and fetish clubs that can satisfy even the pickiest fantasies. To find them you will have to be discreet and persistent.

Explore a Transsexual/Shemale Experience

The transsexual sex workers in Honolulu are plenty, you just need to know where to look for them. As the safest option, you can watch transsexual live sex via the net, or you can ask for an actual encounter with a shemale or a transsexual person in a sex club.

If you are intent on finding this kind of adult entertainment, look for it at Fusion Waikiki, a strip club (and more), or at the Kukui Street where most of the transsexual hooker gather. Or you can turn to the internet, for the safest way to enjoy some sexy fun.

More Options for Gay People in Honolulu

The Waikiki neighborhood coastline is divided into six beaches, and the easternmost part called Queen’s Surf Beach is the one most favored places by gay people. There is a more secluded part near the lighthouse, near Diamond Head Road and is frequented by gay people looking for fun. Gay people can find local bars and clubs that cater to their needs and wants, and even gay cruises around Honolulu.


Sex always comes with a risk. But are obviously aware of that when you are thinking of hiring an escort. When in Honolulu, you need to be careful of your personal possessions, as you are more likely to get your valuables stolen from your car instead of being a victim of a crime yourself.

Be careful when engaging in a sexual encounter with a streetwalking hooker, as these pose the greatest threat of transmitting any diseases. Lastly, always know what deal you are entering, and do so at your own risk, as there is no law protecting you against the dealings of a hooker.

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