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Today I’m here to shed some light on a website for those that might be addicted to erotic massages. I’m not saying that the site is legit. In fact, it’s the furthest thing from legit. They like to present themselves as a reliable review network but they’re not. I’m talking about the RubMaps website.

Let me paint a picture for you before sharing my report…

I live near many massage parlors, some of which I’ve listed below.

Swan Spa
New Asian Heaven Massage
MVP Korean Asian Massage
Oriental Massage
Sister Spa
King Massage
Oasis Bodyworks Asian Spa
Goddess Spa
New Asian Massage Inc

These are all local businesses that eventually end up on the Allow me to shed some more light on things below.

Review of the RubMaps Site

Getting a massage is a nice way to relieve stress. But getting an erotic massage with a happy ending is even a greater way to do so. When done consensually. If you look online for a place that performs this kind of service, then you will surely come upon the RubMaps site.

I have written a thorough review of the site and its services. Here I will share my findings with you.

Here’s the truth about the website and everything you need to know about this website.

I don’t recommend this site to anyone as there are some legal consequences (ironically the same that exist when hiring escorts) that may arise from using it. Keep reading and see why.

The Erotic Massage Site

Once you enter the URL into your browser, you will be welcomed by a page that basically says that the site is not responsible for any activity you find here. For US users, the site claims that they are suspending all operations as there are some legal issues, and the site is blocked for US-based users.

Anyway, by agreeing with their terms, you can enter the site and browse freely, with no intrusions of any kind. And be certain to read through the terms and conditions of use as there are some shady legalities that you would like to pay attention to. The massage parlors are listed by state and there is a price that every parlor charges for an erotic massage.

Terms and Conditions

If you are a lawyer, then you can probably understand some of these conditions and the jargon associated with it. If not, I’ve consulted a lawyer, and here is what they explained. The site is not liable for anything that may happen to you in a place you find through them. They refrain from any kind of responsibility whatsoever.

The site is also clearly informing you that you should refrain from hiring adult services, or sex services in exchange for money and a lot of other legal jargon that your head will start to hurt. Who needs this kind of disclaimer, if they are offering legal stuff? Because massage parlors that offer “happy endings” are not exactly legal.

Membership Fees Do Nothing For You

The site charges their members a monthly fee that is about $15 a month, it is a VIP recurring every month and an annual membership that will set you back $100. The members supposedly get special treatment, connecting them with local massage parlors for an erotic massage and providing extra services.

But it is my honest opinion that there is nothing good that will come from being subscribed member of a site of this kind, as you are risking being legally prosecuted for paying for sex and other sex-related services.

Immediate Danger? Yes, Possibly

The parlors described here are places where the massage therapists accept money for sexual favors. This is as illegal as it gets. Of course, there are tons of ads that are constantly in your face and can seriously mess up with you if you start clicking them.

The site offers reviews on thousands of parlors all across the USA, but many of them are no longer in operation. There are some that have been the target of police raids. So anyone that has been a registered member of the site is in danger of being exposed to the police.

Some of these places go as far as putting cameras. Even if they claim that the cameras are for security reasons, the chance of the police catching you in the act of paying for an erotic massage is increased tenfold.

Other Sites Say It’s Fake

I’m not the only one that doesn’t believe Rubmaps is the way to go. In fact, there are a couple of sites out there that literally exist just to help let people know that it’s fake and that the massage companies on the site are not erotic massage parlors.

There are two sites out there down talking this one. There are two sites, and Trust me, everything that these two sites say is true and I stand behind.

Conclusion: RubMaps Is Crap

No erotic massage is worth your time in jail and forever branding your mane with a sex offender tag. So I urge you to think twice before you go online and search for and look for a massage parlor that offers erotic massages with a happy ending.

There is nothing happy about getting rubbed down with some oil for 20 minutes by a poor Korean or Asian girl and then getting charged with solicitation. The legal ramifications greatly outweigh any happy ending. Instead, go to a regular massage parlor, get a regular massage and then find a person that will hook up with you and you won’t have to pay for it.

Yes, you can do both. So JUST DO IT.

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