The Erotic Review

I’m just going to come out and say it, I’m not a fan of escort websites. They’ve literally caused hundreds of thousands of people legal, emotional, and physical pain over the years – even death. However, some of these types of sites are monsters on the web. They’re legit behemoths and powerhouses on the world wide web. Which is why I’m here to tell you about a site that has gained a lot of popularity and a loyal following over the past few months. You may be guessing that I’m talking about The Erotic Review.

This is a place where one can find escort reviews, discussion boards, site reviews, service guides and a lot more things pertaining to adult entertainment. I’ll tell you why I think you should avoid this site, it’s all listed within the text below.

My View On The Erotic Review

Here’s everything that you need to know about the TER website.

The Site

The Erotic Review is basically a database with reviews on escorts. The site also provides live chat options, discussion boards and even help for hiring a prostitute off the street. Anything a single, lonely adult would need.

To see the reviews and use the “free” site, you are required to pay a membership fee that for a VIP status will set you back about $250. If you don’t want to pay the VIP fee, then you can get in for a lot less. You will only have to tell them your personal information and write reviews of the escorts you have had sex with.

Well, of course, this is a catch, as you are freely admitting to paying for sex, and someone online has that on record. Not the smartest move you’ve made. There is no way to use the site and stay anonymous, as the access to the reviews is conditioned by the registration and payment of the entry fee.

The Listings

The site offers reviews of escorts and shares the user experiences someone had with a particular escort. Did I mention that the escorts are all females? And the users are male and therefore more easily seduced into paying for a membership.

The non-paying members only get to see the confirmed number of men a girl has hooked up with through the site. There is no way any escort will tell you how many guys she has had sex with. But the paying VIP members get to see the reviews of the girls and more.

Here I need to mention that there is a real possibility of some of the listings to be managed by law enforcement agents, as a way of reducing prostitution and busting the people that are paying for it.


After Backpage got closed by the FBI’s, many other similar sites sprouted and became more popular. One of these is The Erotic Review, that offers reviews on escorts. You may think that it will be that easy to have sex tonight, but you are in for an unpleasant surprise.

If you hire a nightwalker, then you are risking getting some sort of STD. And if this is not risk enough, then you may hire a cop that is undercover, and instead of sex, to be getting jail. Or you can join an adult dating and casual sex site and save you all the troubles that you may contract via The Erotic Review.

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