Spahunters Review

When going to a spa or getting a massage is your idea of fun, then you have to think twice before selecting the next place you visit. Maybe you have come across the online. While there is nothing wrong with going online and checking reviews for a business you want to visit, there are some issues with the SpaHunters site.

I’ve reviewed the site and looked more deeply into their services, so I feel obliged to share my findings and opinions with you. Keep reading to learn more about the site and its services.

The Site Rundown

A simple design with no embellishments, the SpaHunters site is plain and resembles most sites of similar content. There are flashy gif ads on the side that immediately draw your eyes. If you get distracted and click on any of these ads, you will directly be routed to another site with different content. Not to mention, in most cases the content is on the edge of legality.

The site puts an emphasis on the most popular spas at the moment. There is the possibility of location-specific search and the site lists the most popular spas around your location. The section of Recently Added Spas lists the most recent additions to the site.

The Therapist Listings

This is generally a listing of almost all of the spas and massage parlors in the country. But not only the legal ones, but also those that deal with slightly illegal activities such as massages with happy endings and more. But there are also spas that don’t offer anything illegal and are conducting regular business.

The users can leave messages and comments about the spa they’ve visited and there are several topics of conversations. But the site does not offer any guarantees about the truthfulness of the information or claim any liability for inaccurate information.

User Experiences (Massage Clients)

Anyone can sign up on the website. And this is simple and easy to do, as you only need to enter your email, enter a valid username and put in your password. This can seem straightforward, but it is actually a way to protect the users. And by protect, I mean that there can be law enforcement people that are trolling the site and put the users in danger of being arrested.

If you use the site and make unreasonable demands like sexual services, then you risk being charged with solicitation. If you scroll through the comments, you will only see positive comments and praises. There are no negative comments, legal issues or any troubles reported. This shows that the comments are filtered and moderated, and the site has definitely a lot to hide.

The Conclusion

Due to the nature of the site and the nature of the establishments advertised here, there is a real possibility that your name will end up on a list of people known to pay for sexual services. That is why I suggest you refrain from using this site, or any other similar to it.

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