Adult Search Review

Do you ever decide to search for something on the Internet? Of course, you do, we all do! Typically, when we go online to find some info about something, we usually use one of the many search engines. That approach is fine for general searches, but when it is time to search something more private, you need to take another approach. Let’s say you want to find an escort or a “special friend,” then you are more likely to be tempted to browse the escorts on display at the Adult Search website. If that’s your plan, then you’ve got to keep reading this page to hear what I’ve got to say before doing so.

Searching Using The Adult Search Directory

Before I get started sharing my thoughts and opinions on, I’m going to come out and say that I don’t encourage any type of solicitation for sex or other types of prostitution. I think you should know that almost all websites with this type of content are related to some kind of scam and/or fraudulent behavior that leaves the users vulnerable and exposed. Not to mention, it can be quite dangerous to hire a girl to have sex with you off the streets – in more ways than one too!

That said, below you’ll find an in-depth review of Adult Search, the website, its services, and the most important issues related to using this.

The Website

The whole premise behind this website is that it needs to serve as a way for people to be able to hire a call girl, an escort or simply hire a hooker. Whatever the heck you want to call it. The website offers to connect you with these street workers or Instagram hoes from all across the USA. They put a bigger emphasis on focusing on the larger cities like Atlanta, Seattle, Dallas, and San Diego.

Once you select an area and go into a more specific search, the website begins to change the displaying of the links and you get a more localized display of ads. These ads are the main revenue stream for the site. The display of area-specific ads can be viewed as a nice thing or as a way to get you locked into a scam. Honestly, I think it is the latter because all the listings on there are for girls for hire, places where you can get an erotic massage or a strip club. Something smells fishy – pun intended.

The Services

The site offers to hook you up with a girl for hire. If you did not know, prostitution is illegal in the USA, and the girls on are freely advertising that they are accepting money for sexual favors. One can find everything here, from hiring a hooker, watching a live sex cam show and more. Heck, you can even find a shemale aka tranny if you’re down with that type of thing. Most of these things are regarded as being highly illegal.

I should also mention that there are an array of ads for different services that are oriented towards sexual services. One such ad promises to provide the user with access to email service where “John’s” (the general term for describing a customer) get to message the hookers. I have no doubt that this service will store all the provided information, and at some time, these can be used against you as a basic proof of solicitation. This is something I strongly advise you avoid, as this site and similar ones like all those alternatives of Craigslist are often the targets of raids. The storing of your personal data can leave you exposed and even get you prosecuted in the long run.

The User Experience

Short of actually hiring an escort, I have reviewed the site and have looked over many of the offered services. I clicked on many ads to see the offered content. Based on my research, I can freely say that this is a website that you would not want to be using.

There are links to Instagram, to the profiles of the call girls that you can hire. However, there is no actual proof that you are looking at, talking to, or hiring a real person. It may just as easily be a scam for the government to control prostitution, and arrest people that are looking to pay for sex.

The website depends on the ads for profits, so these are all over the place. To save you the trouble, I looked at all of these and my conclusion is that all are scams and fakes that lead you to more cheesy sites for sugar babes, hooking up with swing couples, and even more terrible listings that are just after your information.

Customer Service and Protection

The users’ terms and conditions here are as vague as they come. Many websites of similar orientation have very, very long user terms and conditions, so they are protected against every possible liability. But the is not one of them. The terms and conditions are bland and vague and don’t include anything specific worth mentioning.

Consumer protection is non-existent, as there are no guarantees that the personal information you enter in the site will not end on someone’s radar, or your bank account information will end up on some hacker network where your funds will be drained, and no one will be responsible.


I strongly recommend you avoid using Adult Search and refrain hiring a hooker altogether. This website is full of scammer activity, fake profiles, and accounts that can lead you to serious trouble instead of an encounter of sexual nature.

When looking for a hook-up, you are far safer and with greater chances, if you join some of the adult dating networks, as there you are guaranteed to find like-minded people and you will not be encouraged to pay for sex.

So, next time when you are looking to hook-up, don’t go hiring a hooker but join,,,, or any of the other sites that I praise 24/7.  By using these, you increase your chances of finding someone to have sex with and avoid the risk of getting in trouble or even arrested for participating in illegal activity. You’re welcome!

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