Erotic Monkey Review

I’ve seen my fair share of escort directories and forums. The Erotic Monkey is one of the many that I’ve dabbled in and I’m here to share my thoughts and experiences with you after diving into it head first. Whatever you do, I’m going to suggest that you quit monkeying around and read this before you do anything.

When you have a preference for a partner for a sexy night of hooking up, then at times, it may seem logical to look into a website that offers escort services. One such site is the popular Erotic Monkey website. This one offers something that most others do as well, the option to go over the reviews of escorts near you. But don’t start doing that just yet, please…read this report before you do anything.

My Review And Complete Report After Using Erotic Monkey

One thing the Erotic Monkey website promises is that they are very devoted to discreetness, so you can rest assured that your visit will not cause red flags to go up. While I don’t endorse the idea of hiring an escort, the final decision is always up to you. I am here to bring the facts and only offer my opinion.

I did my best to be very thorough when looking over the website and look over everything before I brought you this review. When you first open the website, you are welcomed by a welcome screen that is not a simple age verification request.

You are actually welcomed by a pop-up window with all the terms and conditions, as well as the privacy policy that is in place while using the website and its services. If you don’t bother reading it, here is the gist: the website is for entertainment only, they are not encouraging solicitation, nor they endorse prostitution and all the things related. You must be over 18 to use the website and there is a disclaimer that if you get harmed while meeting a person through Erotic Monkey, the website is not to be held responsible.

But as this is not exactly in the realm of fully legal and one may consider it slightly illegal, we recommend that you read through the proposed terms and conditions before you eagerly give away all your rights in order to maximize your chances of getting laid tonight.

Should You Sign Up?

The sign up to use the Erotic Monkey website’s services is free, and once you do create a user profile, you are getting access to the whole database with reviews about all the escorts listed on the website.

But the “free” sign up may not come as free as you may think. While you don’t pay anything for sign up, your personal data gets saved in their database. And the website does not guarantee that they are willing to protect your info, and your name can easily end up on a list with people soliciting.

While there is no way to around and get to the reviews without signing up, you can get access to the blog full with erotic stories and get a map of the places across the USA where you can get an erotic massage.

Finding An Escort

While all the escorts (about 35,330) on this website are displayed in a list which is over 2,320 pages long (when this review was written), you can browse them by US cities they are located in. There is an impressive advanced search page where you get to select every feature you like starting from the basic info to everything about their appearances like age, body type, breast type, cup and size, implants, ass, height, hair color, length and style, availability, smoker or non-smoker, and service and fetish information.

This is all good, but there are usually very few reviews per girl. This points to either the girl being relatively “new”, or the comments are put by the website to increase the popularity of the girls or it may even be a trap from the authorities? This points to a relatively risky business, one you may not want to entangle yourself into.

Advertisements and External Paid Links

There are many banners all across the website. The recurring banner takes you to another similar website offering escort services. And all the other advertisements are for websites with similar content.

The erotic massage section takes you to a page where only external links are displayed and the Erotic Monkey website claims that this is completely user-generated content. There is a forum that is not at all popular, as there are very few topics and to access these you will need to sign up to the website.

Conclusion: Fails Miserably To Deliver What You Need

From what I saw and experienced during my analysis of the Erotic Monkey website, we did not like it at all. There is the option to browse for free and you can see the images and get access to the blog and not get access to the reviews or anything more. While the website claims that this is only for entertainment purposes, the advanced searches, well everything basically, points to the illegality of the act of hiring an escort and having sex in return for money.

So if you are looking to get laid then it is much safer and more discreet to use an adult website (specifically for casual dating) that will match you with locals near you interested in the same things as you, and you will not risk getting your info in a shady database. When you are looking to hook up with someone and with the added bonus where you don’t need to pay, then use the casual hook up apps and websites, it is safer, more convenient and it’s even free.

Want to say yourself a whole lot of trouble? Then just use the site.

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