Free Trial Chat Line Numbers For Singles

Are you single? Do you ever get lonely? Are you looking to maybe connect with more people from the comfort of your couch or bed and simply by using your phone? Great, then you need a chat line for singles. Good news for you is that I’ve covered every major chat line below and more.

Why? Well, being single may get a bit boring at times. So when late-night boredom strikes, what better fun then to engage in some late night singles chat line call? There are many chat line options out there. So you may get confused and sometimes even overwhelmed without being able to make a choice.

Well, that ends today because I have compiled a list of the most popular and arguably the best chat lines for singles. Below you will find all the variables that I took into consideration when compiling this list, and further below is the actual list itself. Whether you’re looking to chat with black girls, white girls, Asian girls, or whatever, you will find them on these lines below.

Criteria For Ranking Free Chat Lines

To be able to make a proper selection of the top chat lines for singles, I’ll explain the criteria I used to make your choice.

  • Experience – The most important aspect of every endeavor, the actual user experience allows to really capture the quality of the service as well as evaluate the overall user experience satisfaction. That is why this is the first factor I examined when preparing the list of the top singles chat lines.
  • Service – The basic service provided by almost all the chat lines is the phone chat. But there are those that offer a little extra for their clients like messages with offline members, smartphone applications and even web interface.
  • Free Trials Available – A good incentive to draw users is by offering a nice lengthy free trial. I have looked over the singles chat lines and the free trial time they offer. This is a large part in the overall score, as this is the time where the advertising is pushed the most, and the chat lines that do this most subtly get a higher score.
  • Value For Money – The best thing about the value of something is determined by the straightforwardness and the lack of hidden fees. But sometimes the chat lines can use somewhat unethical means to push further expenses on the users. I have looked over this and listed the chat lines that have good practice regarding the value for money and with the least number of hidden fees and additional expenses.
  • Popularity (Volume/Number Of Calls) – This is one of the major indicators of the popularity of a chat line. I used some appropriate assessment methods to estimate the number of callers and the average ratio of male vs. female callers during the most popular hours and during the least popular hours.

Best Chat Lines For Singles w/ Free Trials – Official List

Here is my personal selection for the top twenty chat lines where singles can communicate. Some of these require sign up, some are free and almost all guarantee that you’ll find something that will keep you interested.


One of the largest chat lines, it started operating in 1998 and since then it has gained a lot of popularity by offering interesting options for its users. There is the free membership for ladies, while the guys get a 60-minute trial. Once you become a member, you can create your Hot List with people that you would like to chat to again. The packages are nicely priced: 10-min=$4.99; 60-min=$9.99; 120-min=$29.99.


This is perhaps one of the most popular chat lines for straight single people in the USA. Bu using this chat line, you are easily going to find local single people to chat with. The ChatlineUSA is for a clean chat as it is moderated and is very popular with a lot of people. It offers a short 5-minute free trial. The packages are 83 minutes for $25, 200 minutes for $50 and the largest one is 475 minutes for $95.


The Fonochat line is a chat line primarily aimed at Hispanic people. Here singles get to chat and the paying members can access a private mailbox. They can also access messages, use their personal Hot List for interactions and more. The free trial is 30 minutes, and the packages are 10 minutes=$4.99, 60 minutes=$9.99, and 120 minutes=$29.99.


Boom, another reason to use Redhot! It’s a chat line where only real people chat. Red Hot is intended for people looking to get on their wilder side and the ladies get to talk for free. There are people here that you may find shocking at first, but this is a place where like-minded open people can have interesting chats and are not afraid to be a little freaky. There is a 30 minutes free trial, a 15-minute package is $9.99, a 60-minute package is $19.99 and the price for a 90-minute package is $49.99.


This is a chat line that is primarily aimed at black people, but one can easily find a varied audience. Singles can get together and chat and enjoy themselves with a free 30-minute trial. The ladies have a free membership and the guys pay $4.99 for 10 minutes, $9.99 for 60 minutes and $29.99 for 120 minutes.


This is the same principle as the Chatroulette, only via phone. The callers get paired randomly and can skip callers if not interested. This chat line is for people looking to meet, chat and even find dates/love. The members get access to video messages, texting and access to conference rooms that allows up to 10 persons to talk at the same time. The free trial lasts 5 minutes, and the packages are priced at $25 for 83 min, $50 for 200 min and $95 for 475 minutes.


Looking for a good line for singles that just want a simple conversation. This one offers a 10 minutes free trial and a lot of interesting incentives and creative services. The prices are similar with the other chat lines, but the minute packages are not the orthodox hours, but unexpected. A 30-minute package is $14.99, a 105 min package is $29,99 and a 215 min package is $49.99.


This is a chat line for adults where adult people call for erotic chats. The ladies get a free chatting option, where the guys after their 60-minute free trial need to pay a membership: $9.99 for 20 minutes, $24.50 for 160 minutes and $49.50 for 420 minutes.


The Live Chat Line is a chat line where people get a live phone chat without any filters of interference. There is no categorization, so when you use the LiveChat chat line, it is expected that you encounter a varied audience with different interests. The free trial lasts 10 minutes, and the packages are $14.99 for 30 min, $29.99 for 105 minutes and $44.99 for 215 minutes.


This LiveMatch network is one of the older chat lines and as such it still holds some appeal. There is little innovation regarding its services, and callers can chat live with random people. The free trial is one hour and there are weekly packages: 2 days for $9, one week for $15, 2 weeks for $25, four weeks for $45 and eight weeks for $80.


A phone chat line meant to be used by country folks. Here one will find cowboys and girls looking to get phone chats, casual hook-ups, and even intimate meetings. The free trial lasts 5 minutes and the packages are priced at $25 for 83 minutes, $50 for 200 minutes and $95 for 475 minutes.

The Free Chatline

This chat line has been around for a long time and it offers anonymous chats with people. It also allows a conference chat and there is no time limit to the calls or the need for a free trial as it is completely free. To make a profit, the chat line plays short ads at the beginning of every call.


Among the oldest chat lines out there, this is one of the most popular and active chat lines. The users can call via phone or use the mobile app that allows texting, sending images and videos. The live chat option is a good way to chat and meet interesting people instead of only using text and non-personal communication. The QuestChart service offers a 30-minute free trial, and after that, the packages are valued at $9.99 for 20 minutes, 24.50 for 160 minutes and $49.50 for 420 minutes.

Affair Hub

This is a part of the AffairHub website that is a free affair dating site. The phone chat line is meant to be used by people looking for a chat line that enables them to have an affair. There is no registration needed or any relation to the AffairHub website. The free trial is 60 minutes, and the packages are 50-min for $14.99, 120-min for $29.99 and 200 min for $49.99.


This is a chat line that had very humble beginnings and has gained a lot of popularity in the last few months. It offers services in a lot of communities and enables local singles to chat on the phone and even meet. The free trial is 60 minutes and the packages are $4.99 for 10 minutes, $9.99 for 60 minutes and $29.99 for 100 minutes.

Lavalife Voice

This is a part of the phone dating website. This service is very popular and frequented by a lot of people. They offer a free 30-minute trial, and packages that range from $29 for 90 minutes, $49.50 for 440 minutes and $74.50 for the 700-minute

The Party Line

This is a relatively large chat line with a lot of callers during peak hours. It offers simple features and the ladies don’t pay to use this chat line. The men get a five-minute free trial. The packages are priced at $9.99 for 20 minutes, $24.50 for 160 minutes and $49.50 for 420 minutes.


This is the phone chat component of the Friendsation dating platform. This chat line requires registration and once that is done, you get a 10-minute free trial. After you’ve sampled the possibilities, the chat line offers differently priced packages.


The Grape Vine is another brand owned by the First Media Group Chatlines. It’s a relatively affordable chat and offers features like favorites, flirting, VIP list, cheat notes, and more. There are text alerts and filters which can be used to narrow your search as well. The free trial is 30 minutes and the packages cost $33.00 for 150 minutes and $12 6 for 900 minutes.


I love this one. It’s a chatline intended to be used by ladies that want to flirt with men. When a woman calls, she gets the option to listen and select a man’s profile. She can then text back and forth. Most importantly, both get a free membership with an unlimited number of connections. The free trial is 30 minutes and the packages are fairly large. You’ll find $44.99 for 215 minutes, $79.99 for 425 minutes and $199.99 for 1130 minutes.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for ya! There’s my selection of the top twenty chat lines aimed for singles. Each of these offers the possibility to chat live with a single male/female near you and possibly find friendship/love/erotic nights depending on your preferences. My guess is that you’ll be able to meet someone using these phone lines. If you’re looking for straight-up phone sex lines, then read this article here.

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