Black Chat Line Numbers

The first thing I want to make clear is that I’m a huge fan of ebony girls because so many of them are insanely “hawt.” In fact, I’ve been hooking up with black girls casually using a few adult dating sites for as long as I can remember and the experiences I’ve had with these women are phenomenal. That said, I’ve also been using some top black chat lines when I cannot connect with someone locally in person.

All About The Black Phone Lines I Use

Sure, you can connect with all that African American people you want out there via chat and you can meet as well as chat via all the phone lines out there, but there are several that specially cater to those looking for someone with an ethnic background. Many of these chat line numbers that I’m referring to have filters so you can clearly state your preferences. This will allow you to meet and become friends with beautiful ebony people near you as well as from miles away.

I want to share with you a list that I put together of what I’d refer to as some of the top sex chat lines where you can meet and chat with black people.

Criteria In Ranking These Black Phone Lines

Because this is a relatively sensitive topic for some, I’ve been careful when making my selection and I have specifically used the following factors listed below when making the final decision as to whether or not add it to my list.

  • Customer satisfaction – The most important aspect of every business is the actual customer experience and satisfaction. The items on the list below have shown the highest ratings when considering customer experience and satisfaction.
  • Popularity with the black audience – The main indicator of the popularity of any chat line. How many calls from African Americans the line gets indicates the popularity of the phone line.
  • Value – This aspect shows the monetary value of the service i.e. how much time the caller gets for their money. Trust me, money is important for just about everybody I know today.

The Big List Of Black Singles Chat Lines

Here is my full list of what I’d consider the top chat lines frequented and a favorite among African Americans living in the United States. Also, these are options for those interested in interracial chats.


This is by far the largest and most popular chat line for African Americans. This said it is the best option when you want to meet single black people near you. The rules are simple – you record a greeting message for free, and this will be played for other callers that are looking to meet someone like you.

After this is done, you call the operator, listen to other people’s greeting messages, make your selection and get connected. The ladies get free chat, the guys get a free trial that lasts 30 minutes and then they need to pay a membership package ranging from $4.99 for 10 minutes, $9.99 for 60 minutes and $29.99 for 120 minutes.

Black Singlez

A chat line where black girls and guys can meet, chat and talk naughty to each other. The ladies get free use of the chat line, and the guys are eligible for a 60-minute trial, and after that, they need to pay $14.99 for the 30-minute package, #29.99 for the 105-minute package and $49.99 for the 215-minute

Chatline USA

This is the favorite chat line among singles in the USA, so one will find people from different backgrounds here. This is for people that look for clean talk and a very wide choice of people. The free trial is 60 minutes and the packages are 50 minutes for $14.99, $29.99 for 120 minutes and $49.99 for 200 minutes.


One of the most popular chat lines for single adults, Live Links attracts a varied audience. There are many black people that use this chat line, but in order to meet and chat with black people, you’ll need to specify so in your greeting. LiveLinks offers a free 60-minute trial and 10 minutes for $4.99, 60 minutes for $9.99 and 120 minutes for $29.99.

RedHot Dateline

This chat enables you to meet singles near you for sexy chat, erotic talks, and even dates. By calling their number, you get to record a message, and then listen to messages from other people to make your selection, send them a message and hook up on the phone.

Since people here know why they are calling, expect to listen and share some of your crazy, wild fantasies. The free trial is 30 minutes, and the package fees are $9.99 for 15 minutes, $19.99 for 60 minutes and $49.99 for 90 minutes.


A chat line for single black people. This chat line has some sophisticated equipment at play so people get an amazing service and can meet, chat with, score a date and talk sexy to people from all across the USA.

The free trial is 30 minutes long, and the package deals are 20 minutes/$9.99, 160 minutes/$24.50 and 420 minutes/49.50.

Black Singles Chat

A phone chat line that caters to black single adults from the USA and Canada. Here you get a chance to meet black people, chat with them and talk dirty as this is an uncensored line available 24/7.

The free trial is 30 minutes, the 105-minute package is $29.99, the 215-minute package is $44.99 and the 425-minute package is $79.99.


Just as ChatRoulette, Voice Roulette connects random strangers with each other. This is one creative way to meet new people and make friends that may lead to more.

The free trial is 60 minutes, and the package fees are $14.99 for 50 minutes, $29.99 for 120 minutes and $49.99 for 200 minutes.

To wrap this all up…

The list above is what I’ve personally selected and ranked as being the best chat lines where you can meet single black people looking to chat. Many of these lines might be full or busy if you try and call, that just goes to show how popular they really are. If you’re looking for a free trial or a free chat, you’ll find that many of those listed above offer just that and then some.

So if you are looking to chat/talk dirty/hook up with a black girl/guy, then call one of these numbers, record your personal greeting and select a person to strike up a conversation. Who knows where it may lead? Now, if you want someone less niched that caters to all ethnicities, then check out the list of phone sex services. That’s actually my ultimate list, so I’d say start there instead.

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