Backpage New York Escorts (Everything You Need To Know)

The first thing I’ll do is kick things off by saying that the Backpage NY site is something that I’ll never encourage you to use yourself. It’s perhaps the worst escort site on the planet and the fact that it’s been taken down speaks volumes.

Anyway, when visiting the Big Apple by yourself, it seems like a logical choice to go a limb and hire an escort. Well, it seems that way if you’re drunk that is. I spent most of my time at the Rum House and the W Hotel in Times Square where I tied one on most nights.

But please read this review of the most famous “dating” site which is actually a site where you can hire escorts, drunk or sober. Again, I’m not telling you to do so, just making that clear here.

I urge you to read carefully as I share with you some vital information about the Backpage NY Escorts website. I’ll share a somewhat unpleasant experience related to this website and my advice on why you should not use such services to have sex, hookup, or meet people in general.

Backpage escort from New York kissing a guy

A Dangerous Encounter With A Backpage NY Escort

While on a trip in NY, a friend decided to treat himself to a night of sex (note here that he was drunk as a skunk and his judgment was severely impaired) and called the services of Backpage NY escorts. I’ll not be going into very specific details, but will only outline that he ended up calling multiple hookers and even tried to get them to sleep with one another.

One showed up alone and the other with some big dude who looked like a pimp/bodyguard/serial killer. Both got in a fight, and the single girl left, while the one with the pimp stayed and tried to give him some head.

The alcohol did its thing, and he couldn’t stay hard. Yes, whiskey dick got the best of him. Both parties were disappointed, and the hooker and her pimp ended up charging him an extra hundred for the trouble and fortunately, they left.

You heard that right, they charged an extra hundred for their troubles. What in the hell is up with that you say? Well, they can do whatever the heck they want, they’re escorts.

Sufficed to say, he learned his lesson and will not be using the services of this or any other website of this type again. I strongly suggest you do the same. I won’t leave it at that though, here are some details about the New York Backpage site.

The Website

The Backpage NY escorts site is a place where just about anyone can find a local girl to have sex with, right? Well, on the front it certainly seems so, but not in the back, where this is just an elaborate way for gullible people to get scammed and to have their money taken and in some cases, even left with some kind of a disease. Yes, you heard that right, a full blown STD!

If you decide to use the services of the many Backpage NY escorts out there, then you are risking putting your name on a list that can be made available to any law enforcement agency, and you can be accused of paying for sex. What you’ll be is another one of the degenerates hiring hookers for sexual favors and the police just might try and catch you doing so.

The Call Girls In NYC

I’m not judging anyone, but I’m simply stating the obvious. Backpage or also known as Bedpage NY is where seedy call-girls and low-priced hookers have listings and are in search of quick cash. Most of the healthy, high-priced escorts (even if I don’t agree with their job) are not listed on a site like Backpage.

Instead, this site is where the girls that are on the lowest levels get their customers. Many of them are feeding their drug addiction with “hard-earned” money and are even prepared to threaten their customer to get more cash. The site offers almost no guarantees, there is no customer protection, and there is no guarantee about protection of your personal information that you leave on the website.

The Alternatives

If you are in NY (anywhere for that matter) and want to hook up with someone, please avoid shady sites like,, and all sites similar. Instead, join some of the adult dating sites, where you can find plenty of options for sex, and without having to pay for it.

The,, and the like will allow you to hook up with someone without the increased risk of disease (if you use protection), getting scammed and losing your money. You can always get a Fuckbook login if you’re open to trying that as well.

These sites come with accompanying mobile apps that you can use anywhere. If you’re looking for a potential hook-up, then use them and you’ll find real people that are looking for the same as you – “no strings attached” sex for free.

Wrapping Things Up

I would honestly avoid any and all Backpage escorts in NY. The original site a simply a place to find cheap, unsafe escorts in NY, that’s for sure. But, this is a site that should not be used very often (read ever). The design and listings may attract you, but they are going to put you in danger and likely trouble, for sure.

To close things out here, I’d like to mention that the New York Backpage site was seized by the law enforcement agencies in 2018. This only serves to prove my point that you should never use such sites and you should never pay for sex. Doing so will be the biggest mistake of your life – don’t do it!

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