Best Dating Sites Like Tinder

The causal hookup has become almost a second nature to most people. Thing about the busy schedules most people have too. They’ve got little time for going out and meeting someone, so people have turned to online dating to find a suitable one-night-stand and maybe even to find a long-term partner.

That habit has led to the rise in popularity of the many online dating websites and has brought forth many specialized dating sites that cater to people with different needs. One-night-stands, random hookups, relationships, threesomes, kink, anything, and everything can be found on the right site.

When one thinks of online dating sites, the first thought that comes to mind is, of course, Tinder. For a while Tinder was the go-to place to have a fling where you could first meet the other person and make sure you really like them before you go into something more.

But in recent time, Tinder has transformed its services and oriented towards people that are into long-term relationships and finding a partner. That means that people that used to use Tinder as a place to get one-night-stands have lost their playground and need to look elsewhere. So there is the need for a more direct approach instead of the tedious going in circles thing Tinder is enforcing now.

Best Sites Like Tinder That’ll Get You Laid

For those seeking random hookups and not looking into anything more serious at the moment, I have made a list of dating websites that you can join and directly look for people to have sexy fun with. Keep reading and you can certainly make a selection from the ones offered on this list.


The EasySex dating site is exactly what it sounds like. It’s easy AF to meet someone and super simple to hook up. I’ve been using this site literally for years and cannot tell you how effective it is.

The site has millions of people that use it as a premium member and they do so because it allows them to have more sex due to the features that are available on the site.

If you’re looking for a no bull type of date, then this one seems to be the one. While it might be tempting to try and ask that same person to have sex with you again, it’s really not necessary given the number of people that have signed up to discreet bang.


Speaking of banging, this list would not be complete if I didn’t go out of my way to introduce to you. It’s a spin-off of Instagram but for sex and yes, there are tens of millions of people using this daily instead of wasting their time on Tinder.

I’ve personally been able to nail a few girls on here in threesome fashion and I’ve spent many nights between the sheets with some hot local girls. You will love the fact that this network offers a money back guarantee as well. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, then I sure the hell don’t know what will!

Adult Friend Finder

A website designed purely for the purpose of fulfilling all kinds of sexual fantasies, AdultFriendFinder is a place with about 25 million registered users, so there is a lot of people to choose from. There are no hidden expectations, as all people here know what they are after – fulfilling their sexual dreams.

To start using it you only need to enter an email and address and you are good to go. There is an online bio that you should fill out, as this is an important aspect that helps get you matched with like-minded people. You can fill out the personality test, and a “Purity Test” both designed to help you know the extent of your sexual desires and based on the results, the site’s algorithms will match you with a person that is right for you.

The AdultFriendFinder site takes the most direct approach to find one night stands so there are an instant message system, a live chat, and live broadcast section. People that are into threesomes, swingers, and other kinky scenarios will find their match here on AdultFriendFinder.

Ashley Madison

A website encouraging you to have an affair, starting with their slogan “Life is short. Have an affair.” And continuing with the offered services, Ashley Madison is a place where one can find a hookup while discretion is guaranteed.

The website offers high-quality service and a large user body. If you go and subscribe to their highest costing membership package, purchase 5 Madison gifts in one month and spend at least an hour in a paid chat room – there is a special perk – the guaranteed hookup with someone.

There was a controversy with this site, as it was targeted by hackers, and supposedly their private data was collected. And the issue with one of their employers that claimed she had to create thousands of fake profiles. No matter the controversies, Ashley Madison is still a place to go if you are looking for an affair.

No Strings Attached

A website that caters to the people looking to have an affair. The No Strings Attached site allows discretion by allowing its users to instantly turn their profiles on or off, so they won’t get caught, adding on the air of secrecy and the satisfaction of having an affair.

There is the option to send photos and videos to the selected users, letting them know that you are on their “hot” list, and there are live chat and broadcasts for people that have a cybersex fetish. And by becoming a member, you get access to a large base of videos that you can rate according to your preferred variety.

Seeking Arrangement

Like being a Sugar Daddy/Mommy? Enjoy being a sugar baby? Then you should join the SeekingArrangement website and exponentially increase your chances of finding the right match for you.

Some may argue that this is morally wrong, but I’m not here to judge, only to convey all the available options for finding a sexual partner. Who am I to tell someone that they should not have a mutually beneficial monetary and sexual relationship with someone?

The website offers free premium memberships to sugar babies that will sign up with their university email address. This is done so because many students seek to get financial aid any way possible, and the sugar daddies/mommies on SeekingArrangement are interested in paying for someone’s time and services, and such a mutually beneficial arrangement is welcomed for both parties involved. So it is a win-win!


A place to explore your darker, hidden desired and kinky fantasies. This site is more oriented towards the male clientele, as a great percentage of the women using the site are paid actors and the interactions are done in a chat room. There is a required membership fee because you don’t get anything but browsing the site, and no access to any profile.

There are an excellent privacy protection system and great customer support available 24/7. The site is actually only limited to online encounters, and every action goes through a webcam and a chat room, so you are only paying to watch and not engage in any actual real-world hookups.

Sites To Find A Relationship Partner

The list above was for websites solely oriented towards finding a casual fling, and that is not for everyone. That is why I’ve prepared an alternative list that brings you sites that are oriented in matching you with your potential soul mate.


The Internet came to be in 1994, and Match came to life in 1995 so it is one of the oldest places online for finding a match. The site asks a series of questions designed to capture the essence of your perfect match and then find them for you.

If you pay the membership fee, then you get an account with a lot of additional features like customizing the search, add anything you like and discard what you don’t want, and track anyone you like. There is Dr. Phil, an adviser that helps with advice about finding your perfect match.


The site to visit if you are looking for a long-term partner. If you decide to join the eHarmony site, then you will be required to answer a detailed set of questions that will, in turn, help you to more easily meet someone.

The entry quiz you need to answer may seem over the top, but it is designed to learn what you like and what you would like from your potential partner. And when you pass the exam, you get access to the actual site, but you don’t get a lot of options unless you sign up for a paid membership.

And there are a lot of marriages that were the result of eHarmony’s efforts, so you can trust this site to find you a potential life partner.


The OkCupid site is almost the same as the Match site, as it has almost the same features, with some extra add-ons. It is simple and easy to make a profile on OkCupid and you will have to precisely answer what type of relationship you are looking for, so the algorithms can connect you with the right match.

You can send and receive messages for free, but for anything more you will need to get a paid membership. Once you become a member, you have a greatly increased chance of meeting someone. Make sure you keep an updated profile as people like seeing the “you” now, not the “you” from way back.


Zoosk is a site that helps with a lot of things, and finding a person that will be according to your needs and wants is one of them. To use the Zoosk services you will need to pay a membership fee and you will have to answer several important questions.

You have to upload a photo of you, this is the way the site ensures that there are no scammers in their ranks, only real people looking to meet someone. You swipe left or right to discard or like someone, and you get a maybe, for someone that you are not certain at the moment.

Christian Mingle

A place where Christian people can meet and connect with each other. It is simple to use and there are many options for finding a match that will share the same religious beliefs like you. Here one can meet people with serious relationship intentions.

The idea behind Christian Mingle is that people with the same religion get to find people they find attractive and go on a date with someone they really like. This site has many satisfied users and many people have found their long-term partner through their services.

Is that enough for you?

Tinder is, well actually, it was the only go-to site for finding a relationship or a hookup online. Because Tinder has lost a lot of its popularity, a lot of other sites have emerged, and I’ve have compiled a list with the most popular sites where one can find a hookup or a casual fling.

I have also offered you a list of sites where people can join and get to meet a person interested in a long-term relationship. Whichever you select to check out is completely up to you, as it depends on your preferences, wishes, and interests. And whichever you opt to try, make sure you know what you are going in to and remember to have fun.

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