Snapchat Girls: Premium Accounts You Should Consider Following

Before we go and tell you who we consider as some of the best usernames on Snapchat, we need to talk about a term that we hear often in recent times. We’ll talk about what it means to be a basic girl and how these girls are finding their way into this world. Also, how you can use Snapchat Premium, the paid version of Snapchat, and communicate with these girls, see their sexy snaps and even send them your own. 

What is Basic Girl?

The trend of being basic has caught on and plenty of young women today heavily feature it in their online activity. Yep, we mean the YouTube videos and Instagram posts on how to become basic, how to be basic, and how to utilize this trend to your advantage.

If you are wondering what it means to be basic, it is the characteristic of following trends and new fashions, always being on the gist of new things…

But the non-basic or the opposite of basic is when the people, mainly young women do not follow the new trends and fashions and don’t have a basic routine. These are the women that don’t take half a day to select their outfit and even more to apply makeup and get a picture of their trendy coffee or fancy tea.

Here lies the main difference between the basic and non-basic girls. And if you are wondering what this has to do with Snapchat Premium, or more exactly with Snapchat girls, read on as we explain in more detail below.

What is Snapchat Premium?

First thing first, for those who don’t know, we’ll explain what is Snapchat Premium. This is a separate section of Snapchat that is available to users over 18, as it is used for adult content. The content is available through a monthly payment which is why it is named Premium.

Snapchat Premium is a place where you can access secret usernames of people that share similar interests, mainly looking for hookups, sexting, and sending nudes. Each Snapchat user who is over 18 can open a Snapchat Premium account. Some users charge a monthly fee for sending snaps to their followers, and this section has gained a lot of popularity.

Basic girls on Snapchat Premium

Any girl who posts snaps on Snapchat can be considered a Snapchat girl. But there are requirements for a girl to be considered a Snapchat Premium girl, and these are:

  • To have a Snapchat Premium account
  • To be 18 and older
  • To post at least 3 snaps a day
  • To have at least 500 followers

Posting content on Snapchat Premium is also a way of self-promoting and earning a little extra cash. But if you consider that some of the most popular accounts have thousands of followers which pay a good monthly fee, the money adds up fast and this can be a good revenue stream for many.

Now we’ll round our text and explain the connection between basic girls and Snapchat Premium. The profiles that we’ll share in our list below are of basic girls that have made it well for themselves on Snapchat Premium. These are girls who follow the current trends and post sexy images, making them basic girls that you should check out soon.

Top Snapchat Girls

While this list contains 30 names, you can share your best choices and we’ll add them here. But for now, this is my selection for the best Snapchat usernames from beautiful, sexy girls who post regular snaps on Snapchat Premium and deserve to be followed.

  • islaCrush
  • SofiaKream
  • JadeKissy
  • HollyMousse
  • BreaSimps
  • LucyCracks
  • AlanaSnack
  • CakeThicky
  • dddVibes
  • BluesBank
  • BouncyTouch
  • MinxKittens
  • AddisonBares
  • MoanLoves
  • BouncyTouch
  • SmutsWow
  • BangToon
  • HotPussyLick
  • BangCrush
  • CrackBust
  • BangTeam25
  • xPremiums55
  • WildDeepAss
  • YummyWetTits
  • PhatMilfs
  • BabeTitsLust
  • HotPussyLick
  • WildPinkPuss
  • PinkMilfBoobs
  • CreamyLickPussy

Wrapping Things Up…

Here we covered the term basic girl and told you what you can expect to find on Snapchat Premium. For those of you who have not yet tried this section of Snapchat, you should do so.

You will be amazed by the sexiness some of these people featured here exude and I guarantee that you are in for some mind-numbing action.

Also, make sure you check the profiles of the basic girls that we’ve shared above. These are young women who have decided to earn their way by taking and posting sexy images and charging a small monthly fee to their followers in order to view them.

If you are persistent, then you will surely note that this is a completely new way of finding sexy images that can inspire explosive orgasms.

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