Free Hookup Sites That Are Actually Free

If you are into some deep internet browsing, then you’ll definitely come upon an advertisement or two for free services on some very appealing websites. Yes, I’m talking about hookup sites. There are in fact free hookup sites that are actually free to use.

I get it, that’s somehow hard to believe, but trust me, there are indeed websites whose services come free of charge. And here I’ve shared with you a list of several websites that offer hookup options that are actually free to use with no credit card required.

Well free to use up to an extent…

All of the websites on my list offer free services and paid services. By a careful looking at all the available options, there are websites with free options that one can get with a simple registration. Pretty neat, huh?

Free Hookup Sites I Suggest Trying

Here is my selection of the best websites you can use for free to find a hook-up for mutually enjoyable encounters. This list is made based on several factors, but we will not bother you with details, and only bring you the final selection.


As the name suggests, this is a website that offers the possibility for a fling. One of the nicely designed dating apps, the sign-up, and the use are free of charge. The basic options are completely free to use, so you get some nice features.

The additional services (listed in my review here) like matching-up with a suitable partner are attainable through an upgrade, which can increase the hook-up options. Still, if you are just looking to try it out, then you can do well with the free version and get to enjoy yourself.


This is a hookup app that is focused on hooking you up with a potential sex friend. The free join in gets you to access to a lot of users that can be potential flings or casual hook-ups.

The AFF app claims that it has millions of satisfied users that have been successfully matched with their matching partner. The users can select between swinger, threesome and alternative partners and enjoy hot romp between the sheets.

Social Sex

Have you seen the Facebook movie aka The Social Network? If so, then you know just how popular social media and networks can be. Let me explain one thing to you here. This network is off the charts awesome and it will help you get laid for sure. It’s free to join and I’ve gotten laid on numerous occasions using this network.


The popularity of Tinder is evident, and it is the ultimate free hook-up app. There are paid memberships that offer some upgrades but there is no need to use those unless you are really picky. The simplicity of sweeping left or right Tinder offers is hardly beatable.

Easy Sex

Another free-to-join and offers free-to-use basic services. This is a very popular network and it is used by a lot of people, so you have a good chance for a hook-up.

There is a downside to this, as a lot of users means that a lot of weird people also use it, and you may get some unexpected texts with naked people photos. To screen out these users, the Easy Sex network offers an upgrade of the membership and a lot of other options.


When you want to get some, then start online with Online Booty Call. There is an app called like this and it has a completely free service that enables people to hook-up for steamy encounters.

There are free services and there are paid services. The free service enables you to meet people but you’ll have to look into it and find a booty call. Be careful not to stumble upon a creepy person, and you can get a nice night.

This isn’t necessarily an adult dating app, but it works for some strange reason to help connect people anonymously for messaging and hooking up. I’ve heard some positive stories about people with similar preferences interested in this. Check this app out here.


Another dating service that offers free services is the Zoosk app for dating. The free app allows you to meet people near you and get the chance to hook-up.

The ads for this app claim that it is used by a lot of people which send over 3 million messages through the app daily. But this is most probably not true, but still, the Zoosk app offers free services.


This Snapchat-inspired network offers free services that are based on the same principles. Many people report that they have used and find Snapsext very satisfactory.

All the users begin with the free version, and start sending snaps to people, making contact that may develop into a more steamy encounter. It is simple and easy to use and it is free up to an extent – when you are looking for some more fancy options, you may get the upgraded membership. If not, then the free option is good enough. Whatever you do, you must read the Snapsext review.


A really explicit hook-up website and app that you get to use for free (for some time). The users should make discreet profiles without any significant information and can start meeting and communicating with like-minded people for mutual fun.

The unfortunate thing is that InstaBang offers a free trial membership only that needs to be upgraded in order to use their services long term. But that being said, Instabang users are pretty much always DTF.


The Pure dating app offers free use of their services. The app allows you to connect with people near you that are also looking to hook-up and share similar tastes. And the different thing about this app is the connection with people for an allotted time and in an allotted radius.

The app enables you to hook up with people within a 31 miles radius and within 60 minutes to make a connection. There is also a premium membership that offers some extra options, but the available free service offers enough to go around.


This is the pioneer network for hookups, and it is still the best app for dating and hook-ups that is free to use. As it is based on the social aspect of people, this is a good network to use for hookups. This network offers free services and paid services, and the free options offer you simple free hook-up options, but the paid membership offers upgrades services and better options.


A free app that enables you to hook up with a single girl/guy or maybe a couple, if that is your preference. This is advertised as the largest swingers local network and it helps you find a couple that is into swapping partners. They offer their services for free, but to get the really good services, you will, of course, need to get an upgraded package and get a membership.


This is a list of all the dating and sex hookup apps that you get to use for free. These are all places that you get to meet like-minded people that share your idea of fun between the sheets and you get to make instant contact and connect with them and make your naughty desire dreams become a reality.

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