Chaturbate Review & Best 4 Alternative Cam Sites

I’m a mega cam site fan and chatting on webcam is my thing. Now, you may or may have not heard about Nevertheless, this is a site that has had a very strong influence on how people receive the online porn industry. The Chaturbate website offers live webcam performances by amateur models, singles or couples and has five distinct categories you can select from.

Many similar sites have emerged and are being advertised today, offering similar services based on the Chaturbate model. Some of these have more options, some have fewer and below I bring you a list of the top sites that have essentially copied this site but they’re actually worth trying.

Chaturbate Alternatives

Best Chaturbate Alternatives To Try

Here’s a list of the sites I suggest trying. Give one or all a shot and you’ll see what I’m talking about. They’re quite similar to

The Live Jasmin website is very tastefully designed and professionally run. It is more expensive and to watch any show, you will need to register as a paying member. There is the option to watch both girls and guys and a lot more filters that greatly help narrow your search to get the exacting results per your preferences.

There are some great pros related to LiveJasmin, such as the plenty of filters that enable a better search, a lot of professional porn actors perform here and you get ree credits when you sign up, just to get things rolling.

And here are the cons: more expensive than Chaturbate, premium private shows cost extra, not a lot of new faces, as the site takes the larger portion of the payment, and performers don’t have high earnings.

Maybe the most accurate copy of Chatrubate, the MyFreeCams website is worth trying if looking at live sex cams is your thing. There are many users and a wide variety of shows. There are several things that make it different from Chaturbate, like the option to hang out with your favorite cam girl, and have an open conversation.

The interface of the site is simple and not exactly user-friendly. This is a girl-only site and is excellent if you are into girls and look for variety. The girls here earn a good profit, with up to 60% of the payment going in their pocket. There are many shy girls that are just starting into this business and need encouragement. This is very appealing for people that are into building the girls’ confidence.

There are some downsides to the MyFreeCams, like the fact that the top-rated girls are on the front page, and it takes a lot of browsing to find a fresh face. There are significantly fewer girls here than the Chaturbate database and their customer support is not the best.

I’ve rolled the and live sex cam sites into one listing as these are both very similar in content, design and model offer. There are plenty of models to select from, but in a lower selection than the Chaturbate site. The girls here expect to get paid for their show beforehand, and if you are stingy or are trying to bait them, you may simply get cut off.

There are nice pros like a selection of professional, sexy models which get proper training and know how to act on camera and satisfy the client’s wishes and earn a good payment. Both sites are very nicely designed, with a lot of filters in place that help find the right model for you.

And the cons: more limited model offer that Chaturbate, many models demand immediate payment and don’t try as hard to actually earn their paycheck, and they may even seem like just going through the motions, which is not something a person visiting this kind of site will be satisfied with.

Even though it is not as large as the other sites on this list, and not nearly as Chaturbate, the StripChat website is another very good place where one can watch live sex cam shows. They have all the standard options like the other similar sites, but the fresh thing about this place is their VR Camera Chat. This option allows the user a more intense experience, bringing the model closer to the user.

Here are the main pros about StripChat: very affordable priced private shows, a wide selection of models and performances, a lot of people to chose from, VR 3D Camera Chat and you can even pay with gift cards.

There are negatives, like the low selection of models in general, not very well paid performers, and you can’t save any show, even if you are a premium member, you only get a live view.

To Sum Things Up

Being the largest name in this industry, the Chaturbate website still has some of the best model offers. Still, the sites listed here are not that much different but offer some clever improvements like the selection filters and other amenities. So if you are looking for some sexy fun and think you’ll find it at a live sex cams website, then you can try any one of the sites listed above.  You’ll find some amateur girls or girls next door to chat with on local dating sites too if that’s more your speed.

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