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Most of us are guided by the ever-popular New Year’s resolutions. For some people, myself included, one of the resolutions is to have more sex this year and make the most of it.

Seeing that I’m very busy and don’t have all that much free time to go out and meet a lot of people that can turn into sexy hook-ups, I’ve turned to use the online meet and bang sites. Keep reading and I’ll explain why below, as well as give you my list of the top sites to find a hook up for sex near you.

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Skipping The Dating, Straight To Banging

There is nothing wrong with dating. In fact, casually dating people can be really fun. Having a long-term bang buddy with a mutually beneficial relationship can also work, in some cases.

But due to the busy, overcrowded schedules, most of us rarely find time for ourselves and forget about meeting with your friends. Time is so limited and that makes meeting eligible single people even more difficult.

Most of the single people of “fu**able” age are using some dating app where they list their requirements for their ideal partner. Why can’t this policy be used for finding a sex partner? Well, it can and is! Again, many of the people using dating apps to meet a partner are usually using an app to find a hookup.

I’m not going to go into the psychology of why this has become the standard today, I only know that it works. Finding a person to bump uglies on mutually beneficial terms is easier than ever through these types of sites.

The “Meet Bang” Site List

It’s 100% reasonable to use the so-called meet and bang sites to find a friend interested in having sex. With a very wide net and lots of choices out there, you may not be certain what’s good and what’s not-so-good.

Don’t worry, I’m going to cover the top five sites that offer the ultimate best service in terms of finding a casual fling or a person to have a one night stand with. You’ll be happy to know that I’ve personally tried all these sites and they work quite well.

I’m going to include Tinder even though you and I both know that it’s not the 100% best. However, the network is absolutely gigantic, making it one of the gorillas in the room. Having said that, it should be crystal clear what you end up doing here with this.

I suggest that you register either here or on any of the apps similar to Tinder if you truly want to smash. Don’t sleep on this, everyone and their mother is using it. Yes, I said mother, so you know you’ll find milfs on here, LOL.

One of the best places online for finding a person for casual sex, this social network has been founded on the same principles and inspiration from THE social network –  Facebook. The site and accompanying mobile app offer plenty of opportunity for meeting people for some fun time between the sheets.

Want to have a fling? Use and you are guaranteed to find a person for some “flinging” time. The site and mobile app are an excellent choice as is confirmed by the continuously growing number of users.

Having an Instagram-based site and mobile app for finding a sex partner sounds nice right? I’m all for that and I can attest to the merits of

It’s free to join and test it out, and if you feel like it will do you good, then you can pay the membership fee. The membership offers even more options and chances of getting laid fast.

Just like, only here you can send and receive photos with too many explicit details. The site and mobile app make it easy to find someone that shares similar interests with you sex-wise and have mutually beneficial encounters.

We are rounding the top six hook-up sites with This site is really popular and there are people from all across the country.

Basically, you have plenty of opportunities to find a hook-up to your liking. I’m talking fetishes, swinging, ball gags, whatever your freaky heart desires – or just basic sex. Read this site review first, then join.


No matter the reason, most single people today don’t have the time to do the long courting arrangement and are looking for a way to find easy hookups. Thus, social networks and dating networks for adults.

Above I’ve offered my selection for the top five meet-and-fuck websites (with accompanying mobile apps) that anyone can join and enjoy. Select one of these and you are in for a great time.

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