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Here’s the scoop today, there’s an influx of sites copying Backpage and I’d say at least one new site pops up daily. One of these copycats is none other than the Onebackpage (OB) site. My review today will cover everything you need to know about this site and why I suggest avoiding it. Let’s dive into the review and find out what the hell this is truly about. – A Thorough Investigation

If you were a fan or a registered user of the services offered on the site, then you should be glad it got shut down. You should certainly not be looking for an alternative. If you’re determined to do so, then you have most likely seen the OneBackPage version.

The site wants to prove themselves as being a real alternative for the first and original BackPage, but I’m not a fan of either. I have looked deeply into the site, and below I will share my findings with you.

The OneBackpage Site

OneBackpage is in a list of substitutes for the original site that was (fortunately, I may add) shut down by the government. By now you have learned that I’m not a fan of prostitutes nor do I support paying for sex. I believe that sex should be a mutually beneficial arrangement between two consenting adults, and should not come with a list of requirements and a final check. Screw that nonsense, really.

Here’s where the does not fit my wallet or lifestyle. Starting with the design it just looks plain and cheap and continuing with the listings, the advertising and the terms of use and privacy policy. All of this is pretty shady in fact, the shadiest I’ve ever seen, period.

The Escort Listings

There are classified ads on the site, but taking a closer look, you clearly notice that there are no listings for anything else, but only girls. Don’t waste your time looking for anything substantial as you will only find ads for random girls, nothing more. Suffice to say, these girls may not even be real. How do you like them apples?

Sure, there are a lot of girls, but these are not the “good” kind. The photos are most likely (my guess) straight up images taken from another bad site, or maybe stolen directly from someone’s Instagram feed. There are some hot and many not so hot girls here. Remember, this is an escort site, so you are expected to pay to get to have sex with them. Thank you, but NO thank you.

Unclear Terms of Use

The not so hot girls are not the only bad thing about this site. I’ve taken the time and read through the Terms and Conditions that most of you will simply ignore. I’m not surprised at the least by what I’ve read, it’s more nonsense and just plain scary that they try to get away with what they do here.

The OneBackPage site has kept themselves at a clear distance, as they firmly state within their terms of use. They clearly announce that solicitation is illegal and they stay clear of it but are running an escort site. Talk about covering their behind here, they know they’re wrong, admit it and leave the burden all on you.

What do I mean by that?

Well, the site does not offer any type of protection of the users. They don’t offer any guarantees about the safety of the girls, on their health status or any other potential danger. OB clearly states that they are not to be held responsible if anything goes wrong with the girl you’ve met through their site. They also don’t offer any guarantees that you’ll get laid. Guess what, this popular site does here though!

The company behind the site is based out of Bosnia, so in order to settle any dispute you may have with the site, you will need to go there and deal with it. Also, to be clear, the site collects all relevant data about its users and will disclose it to anyone they choose. This is another issue that you should not agree with as it’s a violation of your privacy rights.

Horrible Ads

Once you enter OneBackPage, you are bombarded with ads about anything and everything. There are ads, banners, pop-ups and text links for Live Sex, Webcam Sex, Find Babes Near You, etc. but resist the temptation to click on any of these as they will lead to more ads and not anything important.

I will repeat this again: DON’T hire escorts. Prostitution and paying for sex are illegal in the USA. If you get caught, you can be prosecuted and it may make a real mess of your life, and for what: for hiring a not so hot hooker. Trust me, this action totally is 100% not worth it.

Conclusion: Avoid, Avoid, AVOID

One Back Page is a poor substitute for another equally sleazy site. All the girls on the site are escorts, so you will have to pay to have sex with them, and are not that hot, to begin with. There are ads and banners that are just plain old annoying to see and take away your attention. But the worse thing is that the site has some very bad terms of use that leave the user completely exposed.

If you are in for some sexy fun, then don’t hire escorts, instead, join any sites promoting dating for adults and casual sex and you will find a girl there. You are more likely to get laid by looking someone on any of the other dating sites I recommend on my blog and you will not be required to pay for the sex.

If you’ve got any questions please feel free to contact me or you can leave a comment below.

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