Extreme Movie Pass Review & Discount

Alrightly, get ready for a killer update here today, covering the one and only Extreme Movie Pass. I’ve left no stone unturned today and have even provded a discount for you. Now, it might not be the best porn deal as the best of the best right now is Teamskeet or MYLF, but this one … Read more

Evil Angel Gonzo Porn Network Review & Discount

Evil Angel discount

I’ve been checking out more and more porn sites these days. Today, I’m taking a quick minute to share information on what I know about Evil Angel. First off, EvilAngel.com has been around forever and it’s perhaps one of the most well-known out there. This site has 60,000 people looking for new updates on a … Read more

What Is Freeuse Porn?

freeuse definition

Many people in the world today have no idea what free use porn is and those of you that don’t, you’re missing out – BIG TIME! This is what I’d define as a micro niche. One that doesn’t attract millions or tens of millions, but it attracts those that are very passionate about it. So … Read more

PornHD8k.net Review

PornHD8k.net Review

So today I decided to take a look into a site called PornHD8k.net. It’s a site that thousands of people use daily. I’d say it’s one of the few high defintion adult porn video sites that list free clips without any of the super annoying popups. Well, I really shouldn’t say that they don’t have … Read more

VPorn aka PornOne.com Review


No sugar coating things This is all about VPorn aka Pornone and what you need to know about the site. Please read it before using the website. If you’re looking for facts, then this is where you’ll find them. With so many different porn websites out there (and more popping up every day), you’d think … Read more

Wait! Wait! Your My Mom’s Friend Porn Ad

Wait Wait Your Mom Mom's Friend

I love this porn ad by Reality Kings! It’s called “Wait Wait You’re My Moms Friend!” and it’s the best lesbian mother and daughter porn ad that you’ll ever come across – period! You think I’m kidding? Trust me, it’s an award winning scene. What makes it so amazing? Well, there’s a lot going on … Read more