Apps Like Tinder (12 Alternative Hookup Networks)

People today turn to online services (mostly apps) to find almost everything they need. The same goes for finding hookups, NSA flings, one-night-stands, even find everlasting love and a long-term relationship. People in the past would say that they met their partner at a party or a club, and today that saying has transformed into “we met online.”

Of course, one of the most popular dating apps for online relationship connections is Tinder, and the same saying has been transformed from “we met in the park or at a club,” to “we met on Tinder.” Tinder is not the only app online that offers the possibility of finding your perfect match. There are many out there and I mean many apps that offer dating, finding hookups, a casual sex partner and even finding a person suitable for exploring your darker fantasies.

But in order to find the appropriate app, you need to know what you’re looking for. You don’t want to spend your time on Tinder looking for a casual partner when the users there are looking for a more long-term relationship. Trust me, you certainly don’t want to waste your time on an app that helps people find sexually like-minded people, when in fact you are in for a long-term relationship.

So always know what you are in for before you join any network. Do your homework and always check the facts before you go in to actually meet someone. No one likes to waste their time, nor should you.

What to look for?

If you are determined to use an dating app, and I strongly recommend that you give one a try, then you are in for a treat. If I had to guess, I’d say that almost all single people are using one or a few online services to find a local “match” just for them. Remember, the match can be for a single night of passionate sex one with a casual encounter, or maybe a long-term partnership, or even the perfect match for marriage.

You can be a member and user of several online dating apps at once because all of these offer similar services but they’re all unique in their own way. Trust me, I’ve done my work and I know that they all have something that makes them unique. It’s the unique part that makes them appealing and attracts new member. So, again, ask yourself what you are looking for from an online dating app and choose accordingly. If sex is number one on the list, then keep reading because you’ll want to hear what I have to say.

Apps To Consider Using That Are Similar To Tinder

As I said, know what you are looking for when starting with an online dating app. Here I’ll be sharing all the top online dating apps, and explaining them based on the services that each of them offer.

I’ll be excluding Tinder, as it is the most famous online dating app today, and it has certainly left its significant mark on the industry. Tinder used to be the go-to app for people with different wants and needs, and today it has turned towards bringing people together that look for relationships. I’m not into having long-term relationships and my guess is that you’re probably not either.

The apps covered below are similar to Tinder, and because many people are not satisfied with the results they get, I’m suggesting ten additional dating apps which can be used as an alternative to Tinder.


Easily the most active hookup app on the planet, can deliver the goods in the best ways possible. The network is literally massive and if you’re not using the app, then you’re screwing yourself out of fun. The app doesn’t function in the same manner that Tinder does. You won’t be swiping left or right with this one, but you will find the most in-depth search criteria of any sex app, period.

It really doesn’t need much explaining other than me saying that the app works like a charm and better than most of them. I’ve written an extensive review for you right here to read. Be sure to dive into that review before registering. I cover a lot of ground work there.


The Fuckbook app is a bit more aggressive than Tinder, but it’s absolutely fantastic. Recently rebranded as, this app delivers like none other and I promise you that you’ll be able to find someone within your local area to smash and dash. Again, not much needed to say about this as the name explains it all. Here’s the full Fuckbook review that you must read if you plan on joining. Heck, even if you’re simply contemplating joining, then you need to hear what I have to say about it. Yes, it is literally that good!


Next on the list is Lucky. The most avid competitor to Tinder, the Lucky online dating app offers a real alternative. Unlike Tinder, the Lucky app allows you to use it anonymously, and you need only a photo to enter and start using it. The good thing is that the photo does not need of your face, so you have guaranteed anonymity.

It is Tinder-like in the ease of use, so by swiping left you “discard” or “dismiss” someone, and by swiping right you like someone. There is the added dynamic, where after swiping right, you are given a timeframe of three hours to respond to a message and arrange a date. The Lucky online dating app is a place where you can find people for a one-night-stand, a casual hookup and maybe a threesome.

By swiping right, you get a chance to meet the person on the other side and how you proceed from there is up to you and your chosen match. You can arrange a one-night-stand if that is your thing, or you can go on a casual date and grab dinner, it is completely your decision how you opt to proceed. But you can be assured that the options you are presented with will certainly bring you satisfaction.

The Lucky online dating app offers anonymity, simplicity and ease of use, the possibility of one-night-stands, casual flings, and even hardcore fun, a lot of users to get matched with, so plenty of options for anyone that will try to get lucky through the Lucky app.

Hot or Not

An online dating app where users can vote whether someone is hot or not, the Hot or Not app is oriented towards starting friendships and for the more romantically inclined. This is a place where the users can find friends for chat, meetings and sharing experiences, and the people one gets to meet can be local and from all over the globe.

You can meet a person, become friends and depending on both your wishes, your encounter can lead to a sexual connection. The app allows you to select one from three options – dating, friendships, and relationships. Once you start with the Hot or Not online dating app, you will see the advantages and become an expert in rating someone’s hotness and developing new friendships.


This app is designed in such a way that the ladies are the ones that need to make the first move. Breaking the traditional mold of guys asking girls out, and created for single ladies that are more braver and want to make the first move, Bumble is a place where girls need to take initiative.

No more creepy introductions or cheesy opening lines by guys, like the Bumble online dating app, requires the women to be braver and make an introduction. After a match has been offered, there is a limited time of 24 hours for initiating conversation, or the match disappears. So ladies, if you are single and feeling empowered, then you should definitely try Bumble.


At first, Down may not seem like an appropriate name for an online dating app, but once you think about it, Down is an excellent name for this kind of website. The app enables the user to meet strangers and to reconnect with people they have already met before. Facilitating the meet between long-lost acquaintances, Down makes it easier for people to get to meet again and have a shot at having a fling with someone they actually liked before. Down offers two options: you can ask the person you like if they are interested in casual sex by swiping down or if they are up for a date by swiping up.

Down is linked with Facebook, and the users are matched with all the available people you have in your friend’s list. So if you are a guy and there is a girl in your Facebook friends pool you like, Down will match you with her, and you can ask her on a date or maybe even go straight to the main question – ask her if she is interested in a straight-up sexy encounter.

The Down online dating app takes a more direct approach and allows you to skip the idle chat and get straight to the business at hand whilst giving you a sense of anonymity. And the connection to Facebook is another positive thing about this app that enables the connectivity with friends and friends of friends while you get to stay anonymous and find a nice hookup.


An app that is designed to be used by single people and couples that are into sexual experimentation, Feeld is a safe place where one can meet their match in a sexual sense, of course. The Feeld online dating app is more inclined to get you matched with a one-night-stand, but people have also found something more long-lasting through the app’s services.

And they cater to couples that are into sexual experimentation, finding and connecting them with like-minded people and is open to all sexual orientations. The Feeld online dating app has created a community of people that enjoy wild sexual fantasies and kinks, so people that feel adventurous can try it safely and anonymously.


We have all seen someone on the street and immediately found something attractive about them, but we did not get the chance to meet them immediately and the opportunity flew out the window. But here is where Happn comes it – bringing you together with people you have randomly met somewhere.

You can try it for free and see how you like it, and there is a real chance that you will find the person you are meant to be with. It caters to the more conservative types that are looking for relationships, and the shy ones that need a little encouragement to get introduced with someone they like. and if you believe in serendipity, then you should try Happn and see what happens.


When you want something, but are not certain what that is, then try finding it on Zoosk. This online dating app will ask you about your basic preferences and will bring you suggestions about possible matches that would be good for you. The Zoosk app is simple in its layout and design and is indeed offering many possibilities.

The app is secure and despite not bothering you with detailed and lengthy questionnaires, it still offers plenty of possible matches. It does this by discreetly following your online life to determine what you would like, and finds it for you.


An online dating app that makes it possible for people to find more substantiate relationships. It was inspired by the Tinder platform but is more oriented towards younger people looking for fun and possibly a relationship.

The app has a more strict approach towards matching people with their possible soul mates, and if you are into looking for something casual, then you should avoid Hinge. But if you are indeed looking for a partner, then you can trust Hinge to find you a match via their detailed questionnaire which asks about a lot of personal matters.


If you would like to stay anonymous and still browse the available single people near you, then try using OkCupid. There are many available options, as all genders and identities can be found here, with the added anonymous browsing option, and you choose to reveal your name to a person of your choosing.

There is something for everyone here, as people use it to find singles, maybe a couple for engaging in a threesome, people interested in relationships and people looking for one-night-stands. It is all about the fun, and you will definitely have something amazing happen to you.


Coffee Meets Bagel seems like a very New York saying, but this is actually an online dating app that is designed to easily bring together people that have already met before but have not had the chance to make a more substantial connection.

The app enabled people that have interest in each other to find a way to connect/reconnect and make build something more. The app offers a thought-of match that is in accordance with your preferred choice as it is aimed at bringing people together for a more long-lasting relationship. You can hardly find one-night-stands on Coffee Meets Bagel, as the ladies get to select and initiate conversations, and many of the users have ended up finding their soul mate through the app.


Here at, I cover a lot of stuff. If you couldn’t or didn’t get any value out of this article, then maybe “adult” dating isn’t for you. Tinder is the most popular online dating app out there, but it is slowly losing its appeal and many competitors have arisen, offering different services, guaranteed anonymity, and even more options. Fling is quickly stealing Tinder members hearts faster than you can even imagine.

If you think about joining one and are not interested in Tinder, then try one of those suggestions above. You will definitely find a match according to your preferences and are guaranteed to have fun. Yes, by have fun I mean you will get laid!

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